Full Service - £96

 Complete bicycle strip down and rebuild.
 Visual inspection of Frame and Forks for any defects.
 All Frame threads including bottom bracket cleaned and chased out.
 Bicycle wash down and degrease all components, including drivetrain.
 Wheels stripped down (tyres and tubes removed) trued in wheel jig and spokes checked
     for tension, (Adjusted if required).
 Wheel hubs serviced with new bearings fitted in loose-bearing hubs and re-greased.
 Replace all inner cables and outer casings to brakes and gears.
 Hydraulic brake bleed if disc brakes are fitted.
 Bearings replaced in loose bearing Headsets.
 Bicycle rebuilt to manufacturers specifications, gears and brakes adjusted to best
     possible function.
 External lubrication.

 Once the rebuild is complete your bicycle will be test ridden to check safety components
     and operating features.
  Price doesn’t include cost of any replacement cables used.
  Please note an additional £10 to £20 (depending on time taken) will be charged if your bicycle is too dirty to service correctly to cover the cost of washing and degreasing.
 On completion you will receive a full report on your bicycle detailing any findings not covered
     in the service.

Pick up and delivery is free within a five mile radius of Southborough, outside this a delivery charge of £10 will apply.